Hypospadias Repair Surgery by Premier Urogenital Reconstructive Surgeon

Pediatric congenital anomalies like hypospadias are urogenital nightmares of pediatric urology. Many children and adults who come to us for hypospadias repair have already had multiple failed surgeries to correct the problem.

This failed hypospadias repair makes it more challenging for the surgeons of the Sava Perovic Foundation led by Dr Rados Djinovic (Доктор Радош Джинович) but they can almost always overcome the bad surgery and correct the original problem.

Hypospadias repair by Dr Rados Djinovic

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Our urogenital reconstructive surgeons use their incomparable expertise to overcome the failed hypospadias repair of others but the specialty of the legendary Sava Perovic was getting it right the first time.

Perovic hypospadias repair means SUCCESSFUL hypospadias repair. Avoid the anguish of FAILED hypospadias repair at a pediatric clinic with surgical procedures that rarely end the problem.

The services of the Sava Perovic Foundation include the world's best pediatric medical procedures for epispadias and chordee as well as hypospadias, urinary incontinence, bladder exstrophy, hypospadias fistula repair, meatal stenosis and any other deformed penis anomalies, penis malformation or syndromes of the genitourinary system.

The Sava Perovic Foundation provides correction of all congenital defects and urethral anomalies as well as iatrogenic hypospadias and other acquired iatrogenic mishaps caused at any pediatric clinic or pediatric department anywhere.

Our pediatric urology hypospadias repair is not experimental.

It was perfected by acclaimed urologist Sava Perovic over four decades while performing more than 20,000 surgical procedures.

Hypospadias repair by Dr Rados Djinovic

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Contrary to the norm of pediatric therapy in Europe, the USA, Asia and elsewhere, hipospadia treatment need not and should not result in a parade of failed attempts.

Urologist and surgeon Professor Dr Sava V Perovic MD, PhD of the University of Belgrade's School of Medicine developed many secret “tips and tricks” as he liked to call them.

These “tips and tricks” enable the Sava Perovic Surgical Team to have remarkably high success for treatment of glandular hypospadias, distal hypospadias, hypospadias with chordee, coronal hypospadias, penoscrotal hypospadias, scrotal hypospadias, severe hypospadias, mild hypospadias, female hypospadias and hypospadias epispadias.

Patients get aesthetically pleasing, totally functional, permanent hypospadias surgery results. Their lack of hypospadias complications are amazingly low. The complications that occur are usually minor.

Perovic hypospadias repair means your son should need a hypospadias operation only ONCE.

Get the best hypospadias repair for your child, not the most convenient

Rados Djinovic MD (pronounced RAH-DOSH JIN-O-VICH) is widely respected as one of the world's premier urogenital reconstructive surgeons.

He leads the hypospadias repair of the Sava Perovic Foundation's international surgery training center in the capital of Serbia in southeast Europe, north of Greece and east of Italy.

In especially complex and challenging cases, the hypospadia repair may need to be done in two steps. Treatment for hypospadias for those children may require two surgical sessions in Belgrade spaced three months apart or more. This is evident in advance and Dr Djinovic will notify you of that in his evaluation.

Entrust your children to the surgical care of our male urogenital system experts. Get the best urogenital reconstructive surgeon for your young child with hypospadias, not just the nearest or most convenient doctor who is willing to ‘have a go’— again and again and again and again. Spare your son from repeated mental and physical trauma,

Parents will be pleased to know that Dr Djinovic does NOT bind, tie down, or restrain his young patients with straps or ropes after surgery as is done in so many countries. You can also be with your child in hospital.

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Professor Sava Perovic was famous worldwide for his bracka, charisma, dedication, innovation, determination and tireless effort on behalf of his patients.

Considered by many as the greatest urological surgeon ever, Sava Perovic vwas most respected for his extraordinary surgical skill, tremendous expanse of experience, pioneer mentality and philosophy of continual improvement.

Year after year at medical congresses and symposiums, Dr Perovic's colleagues brought to him the most difficult and complex patients that nobody else would dare treat.

Every time he amazed everyone with his bold, effective, radical success in solving the most complex and most challenging cases in pediatric urology.

Serbia's highest and oldest academic institution awarded Professor Perovic full membership in the Academy, granting him the title “Akademik” which ranks him among the greatest minds Serbia has ever produced such as Nikola Tesla, Nobel Prize winning author Ivo Andrić, as well as mathematician, astrophysicist and geophysicist Milutin Milanković.

During his final years leading up to April 2010, Sava Perovic created a tremendous body of knowledge about advanced urological surgery, trained a number of very talented young disciples regarding all his surgical procedures and established the Sava Perovic Foundation.

Professor Perovic considered it his “great fortune to meet … Dr Rados Djinovic” and anointed him to continue the mission.

Dr Perovic put him in charge of the Foundation with the mandate to ensure urological surgery continued to advance greatly and that an ever increasing number of persons would get the high quality surgical solutions to their health problems that they deserve.

As Dr Perovic's right-hand man and Surgical Team Leader for much of the past decade and now Foundation Chairman, you can be assured that whatever type of hypospadias or uro-genital problem a child or adult may have, Dr Djinovic can very likely give him/her normally functioning genitalia with normal appearance, regardless of the extreme difficulty of the surgery.

A brilliant surgeon equipped with everything Dr Perovic amassed in his lifetime plus his own exceptional abilities, enormous experience and youth, Rados Djinovic embodies everything a Perovic surgeon must possess:

Dr Djinovic has acquired approximately 24,000 hours of hands-on surgical experience in the past decade alone.

We call the way to achieve the best results a “procedure” and give it a name like “Perovic Hypospadias Repair” but it is different and unique and improved every time because a Perovic surgeon is “never satisfied with a previously done surgical intervention.”

Were you unable to get hypospadias treatment as a child?

Now an adult that no pediatric clinic will accept as a patient?

We will help you.

Dr Djinovic follows in the great tradition of Dr Perovic as a “complete surgeon for all generations, who operates on children, adolescents & adults.”

It is NOT too late to get your hypospadias repaired so you can enjoy good quality of life the remainder of it.


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