Cause of Hypospadias
& Why Hypospadias?

The cause of hypospadias is complex, unclear & unknown in most cases. There are nearly three dozen suspected hypospadias causes.

British research indicates consuming 400 μg folic acid supplements the first 90 days of pregnancy reduces incidence of hypospadias 36% but that is useless info for parents of children who already have hypospadias (unless they plan to have more children). And it doesn't explain the cause of hypospadias, it only suggests a slightly effective method of prevention.

Cause of Hypospadias: DDT?

Like most investigations, the cause of hypospadias has “primary suspects” and “suspects of interest”. A suspected hypospadias cause may not work alone and may need a gang of “accomplices” — such as high total pesticide exposure.

Investigations into the cause of hypospadias and why it has doubled during the past half century in some countries are challenging because of the complexity and vast amount of legacy pollutants in the environment and the boatloads of new chemicals being dumped into the air, rivers & oceans daily.

Cause of Hypospadias: DEP?

It makes sense to suspect the lethal chemical cocktails which bioaccumulate in humans at the top of the food chain are hypospadias causes.

Researchers have strong evidence that certain suspected causes of hypospadias such as DEP & DBP phthalates increase risk three times if a pregnant mother is exposed during early pregnancy. But even tap water and disinfectants may be hypospadias causes. Yes, tap water.

Solutions for infertility such as IVF may also be a cause of hypospadias.

Whichever suspects listed below cause hypospadias and regardless of the type of hypospadias, Dr Rados Djinovic of the Sava Perovic Surgical Team can repair it and that is the only important information families need to know when hypospadias is already a fact in their lives.

Suspected Hypospadias Causes Include:

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