Hypospadias Repair Complications &
Hypospadias Surgery Risks

Hypospadias repair complications are many and occur often after hypospadias surgery done outside Sava Perovic Foundation.

The incidence of hypospadias repair complications increases with “severity” of hypospadias and the number of surgical attempts.

As the official journal of the Société Internationale d'Urologie explains: “Complications after hypospadias surgery are frequent.” Find the full list below.

But most importantly, there are: statistically significant differences in complication rates between operating surgeons.”

The main factors influencing complications?

Hypospadias repair complications prevalence
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The University Children’s Hospital of the University Medical Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands wanted to find out how reality “compared with the literature”. The conclusion of their extremely frank assessment? The facts do not match the good results being published. This is true worldwide. Of course, some patients get good results but plenty of others do not. (Urology, Volume 70 (1) July 2007 pp 148-152)

Hypospadias repair complications are long-term, long lasting, and have a lifelong impact, negatively affecting the sexual function and ability to urinate (20% ±) of adult men who got surgery as a child. More than 40% of patients will have problems with erotic sensation, erection and ejaculation.(World Journal of Urology, Volume 24 (3), pp 240-243)

The immediate, short-term and long-term hypospadias repair complications mentioned below are NOT to be expected from the expert hands of Dr Rados Djinovic (pronounced RAH-DOSH JIN-O-VICH) but are commonly reported complications resulting from hypospadias surgery done by pediatric urologists and urologic surgeons around the world, including North America and Europe.

If the complications don't show up sooner, they will show up later and usually more than one type.

When they do, you are welcome to come to the City of Belgrade to get them solved. We welcome patients who have suffered bad surgical experiences anywhere in the world to come and have Dr Djinovic solve both the original hypospadias problem and overcome as many of bad effects of the previous failed surgeries as possible.


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