Hypospadias Definition:
What is Hypospadias?

The simplest hypospadias definition is: pee hole in the wrong place.

Medical obfuscation takes that easy to understand hypospadias definition, banishes the “Keep It Simple” principal, and buries “kid's pee hole in wrong place” under a mountain of types, grades, degrees, descriptors and classifications.

At the Sava Perovic Foundation, we work hard to define hypospadias in a way that is easy for parents and patients to understand.

You will find lead surgeon Dr Rados Djinovic (pronounced RAH-DOSH JIN-O-VICH) is a man of few words who swiftly gets to the point and is full of positive energy. Evaluations are amazingly short, clear, concise, simple.

Here is everything you need to know about hypospadias and some info you might not need but may find interesting.

WHO Does Hypospadias Affect?

WHAT is Hypospadias?

WHAT are Possible Effects of Hypospadias? Associated Problems?

WHERE is Hypospadias Found?

WHEN Does Hypospadias Occur?
WHEN Can Hypospadias Repair be Done?

WHY Hypospadias?
(see “Cause of Hypospadias”)

HOW Much?

HOW to Repair Hypospadias?

Define “Highly Experienced”

What do we mean when we say Dr Djinovic is: “highly experienced”?

Dr Djinovic continually improves results while performing the most challenging and complex genitourinary surgery:

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Sava Perovic Invited to Demonstrate Hypospadias Repair Surgery

Scrotal Hypospadias
Pecuj, Hungary (February 2003)

Re-Do hypospadias Repair
Majnc, Nemačka, Serbia (August 2003)

Scrotal Hypospadias & Penoscrotal Transposition
Thessaloniki, Greece (September 2003)

Urethroplasty Repair in Hypospadias Cripple
Hajdelberg, Nemačka, Serbia (November 2003)

Hypospadias Repair
Thessaloniki, Greece (November 2003)

Urethral Stricture Repair - Buccal Mucosa Graft
Moscow, Russia (December 2003)

Anterior Urethral Stricture - Buccal Mucosa Graft
Bern, Switzerland (March 2004)

Urethral Reconstruction after Failed Hypospadias Repair
Budapest, Hungary (May 2004)

Urethral Surgery
Pecz, Hungary (November 2004)

Fulda, Nemačka, Serbia (December 2004)

Re-Do Hypospadias Repair
Budapest, Hungary (January 2005)

Hypospadias Cripple, Bifid Scrotum
Fulda, Nemačka, Serbia (March 2005

Scrotal Hypospadias Repair
Arezzo, Italy (June 2005)

Ectopic Penis - Severe Hypospadias & Penoscrotal Hypospadias
Pecz, Hungary (June 2005)

Re-Do Hypospadias Repair
Budapest, Hungary (August 2005)

Hypospadias Cripple
Patras, Greece (September 2005)

Scrotal Hypospadias
Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (December 2005)

Urethral Fistula Repair
Patras, Greece (March 2006)

Bulbar Urethral Stricture, Re-Do Hypospadias Repair, BXO - Anterior Urethral Stenosis - Buccal Mucosa Graft
Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (March 2006)

Urethral Reconstruction
Perugia, Italy (March 2006)

Urethral Stricture Repair
Torino, Italy (May 2006)

Posterior Urethral Stenosis Repair
Barnaul, Siberia, Russia (June 2006)

Urethral Surgery
Sardinia, Italy (October 2006)

Posterior Urethral Surgeries
Moscow, Russia (July 2006)

Hypospadias Repair
Splosna Bolnisnica Urological Department, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (5 February 2008)

Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty in Failed Hypospadias Repair
University Hospital , Center for Urethral Surgery, Arezzo, Italy (25 February 2008)

Failed Hypospadias Repair
Universita Tor Vergata, Rim, Italy (2 June 2008)

Reconstruction of Failed Hypospadias
Ukraine Urological Association Annual Meeting, Kiev, Ukraine (22-23 Sept. 2008)

Re-Do Hypospadias Repair & Recto-Vesical Fistula
Splosna Bolnisnica, Urological Department, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (30 June 2008)

1st Stage Hypospadias Repair
2nd International Workshop of Hypospadias Repair, Vienna, Austria (3-4 December 2009)

Sava Perovic Invited to Lecture on Hypospadias

Surgical Treatment of Hypospadias: an Update
International Andrological Congress, Sochi, Russia (24-25 May 2006)

Dorsal Dartos Flap for Fistula Prevention in Hypospadias Repair
International Workshop on Management of Hypospadias, Toronto, Canada (17-18 May 2006)

Hypospadias Surgery, How I Do It
5th International Workshop on Hypospadias Surgery, Mannheim, Germany (13-14 June 2007)

Surgery of Penile Deformities in Adulthood
29th Congress of the Société Internationale d'Urologie - Paris, France (3-6 September 2007)

State of the Art Lecture: Management of Hypospadias
3rd South Eastern European Meeting - Sarajevo, Bosnia ( 6-8 September 2007)

Failed Hypospadias Repair Presenting in Adults: A New Outbreak? The Adult Urologist Point of View
American Urological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA (26 April 2009)

Urethral Reconstructive Surgery
58th Congress of "Societa degli Urologi del Nord Italia" Udine, Italy (28-30 May 2009)

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